Monday, 30 March 2009

Challenge 2. - Beach Family

I just wish I had more time to take this challenge to the level of detail I was looking for. I just didn't 'get there' because I can only paint on weekends at the moment. I loved the scene in the photograph Karin Jurick gave us for this challenge; excellent light, crisp, clear with a magnificent stretch of sea and I felt there was something of a processional and solemn feel to the figures; a stillness even though they were in fact 'doing' something. For some reason or another it felt ancient to me and I wanted to create a feeling of the long-distant past, with a nod to illustrations in children's books, but again, if only I had more time I could have pumped up this allusion. I am also not going to paint on canvas again for something this detailed. The edges bevel downwards and for the photograph I have had to crop of about 2mm on either side which is a nuisance. This whole painting would have been much easier on board - we learn as we go along. So here is my second submission to Karin Jurick's 'Different Strokes From Different Folks' blog.

Beach Family - Hastings, 1066

Oil on Canvas - 10" x 12"

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Challenge 1. - Sushi

This is my first submission to Karin Jurick's blog "Different Strokes from Different Folks". It was one heck of a challenge and a really unusual subject. I don't like sushi so intuition really wanted to de-food the objects and take the situation as far away from eating as possible; a sundrenched beach somewhere, just a hint of it. Here it is:

Oil on Canvas - 8"x 10"