Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nothing to show for August so far.

August has been a weird month creatively. I just haven't been able to finish any works at all. I have started some, left others half way through in the drying process only to come back to them later and discover I don't like any of it and ended up scraping off the entire surface of oil paint. Strange month was August. I also discovered that I was trying to combine finishing my own art projects with the blog challenges for DSFDF and Following the Masters that confusion reigned supreme; too many disparate visions were being dealt with at the same time so I stopped all of them. I also had a huge amount of admin to do around the house; whatever that means, but I think most readers would understand. So, August has been a bleak month so far for finished work. I hope to change that with at least one work, not a blog challenge, but something from my own stable of projects.

I was also hoping to do some small sketches or watercolours in the spaces between paintings, one a day hopefully, but that has not happened. I need a studio to really enable me to do some work each and every day, big or small, oil or watercolour, sketch or painting. So even on a smaller level, I have found getting very simple work finished, an impossibility. Am I being too hard on myself? Maybe doing a charcoal sketch tonight - of anything - might clear the cobwebs.

The truth is, I need a break; something like a year-long sabbatical would do.