Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mini Abstract 4.

I've had this unfinished mini-abstract on the easel for months now. I took advantage of being in a positive mood this afternoon and completed it. These mini-abstracts are entirely personal and will cease once I buy some larger format panels to paint on. However, I am learning a lot. The first lesson is, obviously, to get the effect I desire, I need panels four times the size.

"A Corner of Someone Else's Forest"
12"x 12" - Oil on Gessoed Panel

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mini Abstract 3.

Another one. This is more assured and again, the expressionistic markings require a bigger format but I learned a lot using colours I have never used together. I'm not sure I liked them but something is out of my system.

"Mini Abstract 3.
Oil on gessoed board - 6" x 6"

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Mini Abstract 2.

Another mini abstract hot off the easel. This one was easier than the last one probably because it was so small, but harder because the 'concept' required a larger format. More to come, hopefully.  Lessons learned.

 Mini Abstract 2.
Oil on Gessoed Panel - 6" x 6"

Mini Abstract 1.

I am re-posting this work as I deleted the original post by mistake I can't remember too much of what I wrote except to say these sketches are inspired by larger finished works, either representational or abstract. A small detail of a finished work is isolated and then that section is painted much larger as if it is an original work. Well, it is original in one sense, but it is possible to see what section of the original work was chosen and worked on when finished. We learned this method at University as a method to get us into abstract painting.  (It's not the optimum method, by the way, but it is revealing as to what goes into a painting).

Mini Abstract 1.
Oil on Gessoed Panel - 12" x 12"