Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday Gouache Beginnings - Work in Progress

I rarely post photographs of my work in progress as I think it might be uninteresting to readers but today I got down to some free-wheeling with gouache and what started out as totally messy and unpromising, ended up with some hope, if only a little. Lots to do, yes, but I'll keep posting this work in stages to show the process. I just hope I know when to stop. Hopefully by mid-week I'll have more life drawing to show. 

Studio Desk


Lots to work on here

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Life Drawing Class...second time around

Last night's second attempt at life drawing was inhibiting as we had a male model whose form was very difficult to depict and standing there in the squashed drawing room, I thought "what a strange way to spend an evening!". Yes, it was strange. My irritation subsided after acknowledging that I wasn't in the mood for stiff challenges, but I carried on and did some acceptable work. The 'head only' was the best but I had some additional problems because I thought the gouache tint I had painted on beforehand would be slightly more sturdy and permanent but all eraser marks wiped off a little of the colour which makes the finished work slightly untidy.  Two more classes and then a Summer break.  I am so out of practice.

Head in Profile
Graphite sanguine on gouache tinted paper - 30 x 21 cm

Head in Profile - Close up
Graphite and sanguine on gouache tinted paper - 30 x 21 cm
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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Life Drawing Class...It's Been Ages

It's been years since my last life drawing class and it shows!  However, it was great to get the charcoal scratching along the paper and to let go.  This was a 15 minute pose and I didn't have much time to correct anything but the model thought it good enough to photograph for her portfolio.  More next week, I hope.

Life Drawing Class 1.
Charcoal on A2 Cartridge Paper