Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Life Drawing Class...second time around

Last night's second attempt at life drawing was inhibiting as we had a male model whose form was very difficult to depict and standing there in the squashed drawing room, I thought "what a strange way to spend an evening!". Yes, it was strange. My irritation subsided after acknowledging that I wasn't in the mood for stiff challenges, but I carried on and did some acceptable work. The 'head only' was the best but I had some additional problems because I thought the gouache tint I had painted on beforehand would be slightly more sturdy and permanent but all eraser marks wiped off a little of the colour which makes the finished work slightly untidy.  Two more classes and then a Summer break.  I am so out of practice.

Head in Profile
Graphite sanguine on gouache tinted paper - 30 x 21 cm

Head in Profile - Close up
Graphite and sanguine on gouache tinted paper - 30 x 21 cm
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