Monday, 25 January 2010

Determined to Draw

I am determined to draw a little, or a lot, each night this week. So determined was I when I arrived home tonight that I took out most of my charcoal and chalks, erasers, knives, and drawing pads and put them on the table so I would not be able to ignore them. This is a trick I have to play on myself. Although it is untidy and impractical to have all that material lying around, it makes life easier not having to unpack the material each night from my trusty toolbox.

I've decided for my next submission to the current Following the Masters challenge, I am not going to do a painting, I am going to do a charcoal sketch of the artist whose work we are paying homage to - Robert Henri. I have found a good photograph on the internet, so I'll work from that. I just don't know his work at all, and nor do I know the work of the Ashcan School. This makes me realise just how Eurocentric my art knowledge is at present, and even our libraries don't seem to have any decent monographs on his work or of his followers. I love to work from a good reproduction, but this time they are not available, so I'm going to use this challenge to practice my drawing. Not inventive, but totally practical. Some more clarity.

Off we go...


Chartan said...

I'm an Amuricun and I've never heard of the Ashcan school. I've even taken art history classes so maybe I've just forgotten it, but it sure doesn't ring any bells. Drawing is a marvelous idea!

However I've found I can easily "ignore" any and all art supplies lying in my path. haha. Looking forward to your product.

Anne Campbell said...

Yes, art materials...I behave like a drunk in an art materials shop. Relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who is not familiar with the Aschan School.

AutumnLeaves said...

Great idea, Anne! I think I tend to think and agree with the Ashcan School philosophy. I love it and think this should be a great challenge. I had to ask my daughter for help on this one (she is so very naturally gifted that I am constantly amazed!), as I was having a couple of form and proportion issues. Now I have a clear piece from which to work. A tool box? I think that is a fabulous idea for storing one's tools of art!

Anne Campbell said...

Hi Sherrie - thanks for the encouragement and good luck with the R Henri challenge. I might photograph the toolboxes in all their glory one day when I am desperate to post something on this blog - just to be awkward.

Kay said...

Hi Anne,

I have several fishing tackle boxes as well as one big tool box, but for regular use the absolute best is my wooden tray, slightly bigger than normal size, perfect to pop on the table with everything ready - no need to even open a lid to find it.

Truth is, I love my tray so much I now have two... one for painting, one for drawing. And I feel another two coming on... perhaps a cupboard with trays for every occasion is the answer?

Anne Campbell said...

Hi Kay - thanks for stopping by. I see you are in Italy - so lucky. I'm hoping to study at an atalier in Firenze in 2011 if all goes well.

Yes, the boxes. Trays sound a wonderful idea -I hadn't thought of them - but I don't have large surface areas to put them on at present, but it's a good tip so I'll keep it in mind.

All the best.