Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pepper Study

This took 45 minutes. I was desperate to paint something, anything. I haven't been able to paint under good light conditions for days as it is so incredibly dark here and my daylight lamp is inandequate for more demanding projects. This type of exercise reminds me of school art class and quite frankly, if memory serves me well, I could have pulled off a better realised represenation of this type of object in those days. I didn't make any effort at a special composition, nor did I fuss with background colours in an attempt to create a more visually interesting arrangement. I just placed the pepper on a breadboard and painted what was in front of me.

I will photograph it again in better light (when we see the sun again), not because this small work is worthy of it, but I just can't stand colour inaccuracy when posting my work to the blog. This is a discipline for me only and not because I expect anybody else to care too much, if at all, but I also like getting my work up and posted as soon as possible after completion. It's a trick to feel good.

"Yellow Pepper"

Oil on Canvas - 8" x 8"


Chartan said...

Bravo! 45 min? Great!

Anne Campbell said...

Thanks for the cheer Charlotte! I hope to do a few more before I go back to work. Time will tell.

AutumnLeaves said...

Ann, I think this is beautiful, truly! Insofar as foodstuffs can be beautiful, you've quite nailed this one. I can almost taste the fresh crunch and lovely water that comprises the peppers!

Anne Campbell said...

Thanks Sherry. I still have to get used to it in a funny way.