Saturday, 4 December 2010

Twitter Art Exhibition, Moss, Norway

These photographs below appeared on a Flickr Stream yesterday showing how the Twitter Art Exhibition was mounted. This was set up by the artist, David Sandum, to raise funds for a children's library in Moss, Norway. David Sandum asked for 140 artists, all of whom had Twitter pages, to send in their works, postcard size, to be sold for a small amount in the region of $20 and over 250 artists sent in work, myself included. (The "140" represents the amount of characters that are allowed in each "tweet" on a Twitter Page). It was super to see my Asparagus Painting up on the wall at last. It is absolutely super to see this huge effort of David's come to life. Wishing you a great success David! Now, I'm off for a day of painting, after all, it's "Le Weekend"!

Update - 10 January 2011 - My painting "Asparagus for Norway" has been SOLD.
My "Asparagus for Norway" postcard at top left.

Another wall of the Exhibition.
If any of you are interested, the full Flickr folder on the opening night is given below:

Flickr Album of Opening Night of Twitter Art Exhibition in Moss, Norway.


Chartan said...

Very Nice! what's the Flickr URL, I have a flickr account, I'd love to see it on flickr... tia.

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Charlotte - the Flickr URL is:



Hope these gets you there. Thanks for the interest. I would love to have been there.

I'll also put the link in the post to see if it can be accessed that way. Hope you are well.