Friday, 28 January 2011

Value Sketches for Portrait II

I have just ended a week of annual leave. Nice, but I had hoped to get some really good work under my belt and didn't due to mountains of personal 'admin' getting in the way. I completed most of my chores but feel a bit down not having been at the easel all week - in fact for two weeks bar a mawkish attempt at another Boston gouache for The Virtual Paintout. I had also planned to get a new work complete to send for submission to a show overseas, but the work I produced was just good enough for a 'sketch', so I ditched that project. I really needed more time to produce the quality of work I had in mind.

So tonight, I thought "anything" just anything to get the creative juices going, so I started on another charcoal sketch for a project of mine based on "Melancholy". Goodness knows what will emerge but I have faces in mind and beautiful photographs to work from but I have to overcome my impatience and get to grips with doing preparatory sketches on values. I don't often get them right, so I decided to do the work below to try and get accurate contrasts between the darks and the lights. It's nearly there, but the photograph is not good. I just don't have the right lens or lighting for caputuring charcoal work accurately. I chose the 'sepia' one (accidentally captured) to post here as it shows the darks with more depth. I might post a better photograph if the sun appears in London tomorrow, which is unlikely. The Winters are getting darker and colder here. A move southwards?

"Value Sketch for Melancholy Portrait Series"
Charcoal on Cartridge Paper - 12"x 8" (Approx.)

(Adapted from a photograph by Margrethe Mather p.96 "Portraits" published by Thames and Hudson 1982, 1983)


Chartan said...

Very nice Anne. Gee my winter is becoming lighter, the darkest part has passed, thanks be to God. I'm sorry to read yours is getting darker? :-(

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Charlotte. :-)

The darkest part of our Winter has passed as well, but in general, Winter in London has been much darker and colder these past years. Not finding much evidence of global warming in the UK yet.

AutumnLeaves said...

This is so nice, Anne! Isn't it sucky when personal chores get in the way of the little time we have to work on our art? Still, you've turned out one lovely sketch portrait here. Love those shadows in the neck. Perfect!

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Sherry - yeah, a woman's work is never done! Had a big throw out as well so some good came of it.