Saturday, 11 June 2011

Morning Walk IV

At last, I have finished this series. In one way it was a chore because I am not good at landscape work yet, but with this last one I felt I was working more in the area of painting that I am used to. I need lessons in landscape painting and that is all there is to it, but this work with all the attention being on the surface, was interesting to me and I just love anything with reflections. However, it was a difficult and testing project with a lot of 'micro' brushwork. I wanted to do this in oils so I could emulate the very slow transitions and modulations of colour, but to do that I would need a surface at least 4 feet square and I just don't have the space for that. One day. In truth, the subject also needs a bigger surface to make it recognisable as a reflection in a river bank. Now I am going to have a bit of fun working out what to do next. As I said in last night's post, I have been so wiped out that I can't even remember what I was planning to do. Not a bad thing really as something surprising might come out of it.

"Morning Walk IV"
Gouache on Watercolour Paper - 11" x 11"


AutumnLeaves said...

I don't know, Anne...I am thinking that you working on landscapes on your own and figuring them out is working fabulously! I think this is so rich, so intricate, and oh so rich! Do I see Queen Anne's Lace? Is that a small stream between the prairie grasses and the wild flowers? I just think this is beautiful!!

Now...if you figure out how to overcome the fatigue do share your tips!! I'm right there with you my friend!

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Sherry. It's lovely to wake up to your kind compliments. Yes, that is a small stream but it runs from the flowers at the front to the concrete wall at the back. There is a reflection of a steel fence in the water as well with the overhanging foliage reflected amongst them. Tips? I just try to take good photographs and then copy them. This one took some time and concentration.