Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sketch for Window Abstract - Speed Experiment

Another quick(ish)sketch. This is taken from a photograph of a shop window and I intend to paint it in oils on a much larger format at some stage, but I just wanted to work my way through it to see if I really liked what was going on in the photograph. I did. However, again like the previous post, I am working on a format that is just too small and the effects I want will only work in oil. One good thing is happening though with all these ultra-quick sketches and experiments is that I am seeing more opportunities than I did previously.

"Store Window" 
Gouache on Watercolour Paper - 6" x 6"

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CrimsonLeaves said...

You've done a similar piece before, yes? I always like these and I get that sense of being in a car and driving past lit windows at night time.

I hope I don't sound complaining in my blog posts! Yikes! Never my intention. I just spill thoughts and emotions sometimes, and sometimes it is just my self-deprecating and wry sense of humor.