Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Asparagus III.

Three down, and one more to go with the Asparagus series. I just wish I could paint during the day! I feel as though I am lagging behind; 'behind' what, I really don't know. This piecemeal daubing, a little here, a little there, is getting to me. I am enjoying learning about 'realism' during this series, (and calling it a 'series' is a bit over-the-top) but I still cannot mix the right greens. The actual asparagus, both in real life and in the perfect photograph were a slightly more milky green, which I just could not mix no matter how hard I tried. The fourth work is proving difficult although not quite as demanding as the greens are mostly in shadow. After this lot, I shall need a break, something splashy and expressive. I also think, no, I 'know' that this work would have been better painted on a panel. This canvas was ultra absorbent so there was a lot of overpainting and I found that for the finer details (and there were many) the surface was too grainy to control the brush as the subject demanded.

"Asparagus III"
Oil on Canvas - 8" x 8"


AutumnLeaves said...

May not be much consolation coming from me (LOLOL; I am more than aware of my limitations and wonky eyes!), but I think you did this beautifully, Anne. The greens look rather creamy to me! And beautiful job on the reflections too. I am hoping this isn't the original model though? Hope you ate that bunch! Love the background and the almost velvety smooth richness of your palette!

Anne C M Campbell said...

Hah, yes Sherry, the original bunch was gulped down! I just took about 50 photographs. Thanks for your kind comments.