Wednesday, 30 November 2011


A whole month has gone by without any work being posted on this blog. The reason is obvious - I haven't finished any work worth posting. I have been so incredibly busy at the day job that coming home to paint was just too much for me, coupled with the fact that when I did try to get some work done last weekend, it just didn't work out because I am 'out of practice'. The gouaches I had started ended up in the trash.  It's absolutely amazing that for each challenge I intend to do and end up not finishing, I feel enormous guilt. I can only assume this is a hangover from school or university with their penalties and demerits for not meeting deadlines, to the extent that those memories are ingrained in my DNA. However, I do periodically forget that I am challenged for time and I walk into an art materials store and come out with a 'little something' - shown below. So weak! I had also hoped to paint an Advent Calendar - one Christmas-themed work for each of the 25 days of Christmas, but again, I couldn't manage it. Next year maybe? I hope to have three weeks' annual leave at the end of the year which will give me a long stretch with daylight and that might make up for this tiresome hiatus on my blog.

Anne's Bargain Brushes


Anonymous said...

Ah, Anne, I never want you to feel guilty! Goodness! I know how hard it is to come home from work and do art work. I always come home exhausted (not that I've been able to figure out how sitting on my arse all day makes me tired...but it apparently does). Typically, I end up wasting a whole weekend day too. Ultimately, I might give an hour or two to my art a week and I stress and fret like no tomorrow! In fact, now that I think about it, I haven't finished writing the next challenge section for the art history blog. I must try to get that done before work. Egads. Anyway, when you do get some time, you will have some mighty pretty brushes to work with! Hugs to you, darlin'.

Anne C M Campbell said...

Hiya Sherry - you always make me feel better about things when I read your comments. Thank You! I think a lot of fatigue is caused by wasted mental energy doing things that are not really correct for me/us. However, we soldier on and, thank goodness, art is there as some sort of consolation, even though lately, I tend to beat myself up a lot over my no-shows and lack of productive output. Sigh...:-)