Friday, 30 December 2011

Adieu 2011

Well at least I have some work 'on the go' is all I can say tonight. I have been on our annual Christmas Break for nearly a week now and I have only managed to get halfway with a few projects which is frustrating, mainly because I think I could have completed them. I have just been so mentally tired that chilling out became more important than creativity. I have another two weeks of annual leave ahead of me, and if I can get "my act together", some extra work should be on show here. A few weeks back I was seriously contemplating 'sequestering' this blog, until I had made up my mind about whether I even wanted to continue painting and drawing, but in the end, I decided that was just a passing mood and had nothing to do with reality. I am so constrained time-wise that I have to be more accepting of the fact that I cannot 'churn them out'. For weeks I had been genuinely upset that I hadn't painted as many paintings as I had done in 2010. However, I hope to complete this work in a few days and I also have a semi-finished work for Sherry's "Art History Challenge Blog" which is delightfully more challenging than any other 'challenge' blogs out there. If I don't post a work tomorrow, I would like to wish everyone, especially my blogging friends, Sherry and Charlotte, an absolutely magnificent, peaceful, healthy, creative New Year for 2012. That should keep y'all going for a while.

"Studio Table with Work in Progress"


Chartan said...

I'm running out of steam myself, maybe it's because of the cold, dark, middle of the winter thing :-(. But have a good rest of the winter, at least we've turned the corner on the light.

Anonymous said...

Good golly, do I know what you are talking about!! I too am just wiped out after work and on the weekends, giving any piece an hour or so is about all I have in me. I don't know if it is because I'm getting old (I'm 52) or it is the fibromyalgia...but I'm just plain beat. Then throw in a wake and a funeral last night and today and we're supposed to go to the brother-in-law's tonight for New Years Eve...and and and...I feel like I'm making excuses and yet mental and physical exhaustion has me too.

Thank you so much for the nice words about the art history challenge. I try really hard to come up with good ideas to give everyone a wide scope and the ability to use their own imagination on the challenge. I find it fun too and it is the one thing I make myself do, even if during the holidays I extended them to two months (the latest two entries) just so I could make sure I had time to get them done! LOL I'm still in the drawing stage of my latest piece. I just may go colored pencil on this one!

Happy New Year and more energy to both of us, my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

P. S. The piece you are working on looks fabulous and makes me want to reach into the 'puter for a piece of candy!

Anne C M Campbell said...

Hi Charlotte - yes, from now on the days get longer! I guess we should be a little more like the animal kingdom and slow down in the Winter - not push against nature like I do.

Anne C M Campbell said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks for your kind words. I'm not sure if it's age as some of my younger colleagues feel the same - exhausted. It's also the end of the year and we need to get those memories out of the way. People like us are just interested in so many things, we need more hours in the day and we aren't built for it. Your challenge is certainly the best, and it is obvious just how much work you put into it and what is good about it, is that it makes us think and investigate. I just love it, and would like to put more into it.

Ah yes, the candy piece. This is a scorcher for me - again I chose a subject that was beautiful to the eye, but somewhat out of range of my skills. Now for some coffee and back to the easel. Happy New Year to you and your family!