Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm back & who cares etc.?

My last post was a lament for my lost or stolen camera.  I never saw it again and I now have another which I claimed on insurance.  It wasn't a good deal, and I won't go into that as it makes me so angry to think what happens to the consumer here in the UK with insurance and financial services' rip-offs, but the camera is the same brand as my old one and has a few extra features plus a wider zoom.  What surprised me was how lost I was without one and I seriously didn't even feel like doing much art because of this which is a weird syndrome I shall have to work on at a later stage.  Why couldn't I just paint and get on with it?  My work doesn't need to be photographed - who the heck is waiting for it?  What am I doing here not feeling my work can progress without being documented?  Anyway, I feel as though my tools of trade are now complete and I look across at the disturbingly bad work in progress in the corner, a watercolour of a church altar, and I also lament the lack of practice I have been getting in lately.  No-one's fault but my own.  Some work will appear in the next few weeks; it will, it will, it will, it will.....will it?

"Watercolour collecting dust - early evening in the Studio"


CrimsonLeaves said...

Anne, I always love your work so know that at least one person besides yourself cares. Know too that I have that same small round mirror. If it makes you feel any better, we also have the same rip-offs here in the States. Love your artsy set up there too.

I am in the middle of stagnating myself. Wind knocked out of my sails when my last piece went belly up due to paper tearing as I removed frisket.

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Sherry - it just hasn't been the most productive of times. Sorry about paper tearing - things like that totally drain my energy. Well, the only protocol for me is to keep on keeping on. :-))