Monday, 21 April 2014

Sunday Sketches

I've often wondered how those brilliant (mostly American) illustrators were able to convey form and expression on a face with just cross-hatching so I tried it here. It does obviously convey more detail than charcoal ever could with a similar technique, but lots more practice is needed. Again, the photographs just don't show these small works properly. Maybe I should get a digital camera that can take good black and white shots. The paper is a creamy white in both sketches, but I just couldn't adjust them to look like the originals.  Not a problem really.

Portrait Sketch Pencil on Cartridge Paper - 9.5" x 7.5" (Approx.) 

Portrait Sketch Pencil on Cartridge Paper - 7" x 7.5" (Approx.)


CrimsonLeaves said...

Strong and beautiful features on this man, Anne! I love what you are doing with these portraits. I wish I could do them half as well...I have to use grids and even then, they seem to lack something.

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks again Sherry - it's good to be back drawing again.