Saturday, 30 August 2014

New York at Night - Speed Experiment II

I haven't been painting lately - long, very uninteresting story behind that. However, today I decided to get out of the fog and just start up with something 'small'. I have loved the photo that this work is based on for so long I decided to paint it this afternoon before the impetus died. I thought it would be a little too complicated as I haven't painted for so long but it wasn't.  I guess I had stared at it for so long that there were no strange corners.  (It's frightening how quickly one's skills level drops). I somehow breezed through it and, again, even though the paper was slightly too rough to accommodate all the fine brushwork I was aiming for, I am happy with it.

"New York City Blurred II"
Gouache on Watercolour Paper - 8.5" x 9" (Approx.)


CrimsonLeaves said...

I've been thinking of you so often, Anne, and I am so glad you posted. I think this has turned out fabulously and you have so well captured city nightlife!

Anne C M Campbell said...

Thanks Sherry!! I'm still here and will be posting more soon, I hope.